Hi. I'm H. Frank Cervone.

I'm a consultant and information scientist affiliated with San Jose State University and Kent State University where I teaches courses on health informatics, cybersecurity, and knowledge management. I am a founding member of the International Collaboratory for Knowledge Management Research (ICKMR).

My prior experience includes more than 30 years in senior information technology leadership roles at the University of Illinois Chicago, Purdue University, and Northwestern University. I've written four books on applied information technology, edited several other books on topics related to IT and information organizations, as well as authoring multiple book chapters and numerous articles.

I have an MSEd with a specialization in Online Teaching and Learning from California State University, a Master of Public Health from the University of Essex, and a Ph.D. in Management and Information Systems from Northcentral University. I also hold several certifications including CPHIMS, CHPS, and CCSA.

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